Melia Home Of Beauty Szépségszalon



“Please visit us back later.”


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Reception & Waiting
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Hand & Foot Care
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Infrared sauna with shower
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Body Treatment
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Exfoliators & Body Wraps
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“A place where everyone fills up with energy, becomes more beautiful and is able to switch off. A beauty salon, located in the heart of the city, at the bottom of Rózsadomb (Rosehill), in a small inner courtyard.
Where it is important to us all that everyone receives the benefit of a valuable, high quality service.
Our treatments are done with great attention, precision, humility, as well as professionalism, which includes not only the high professional level of competence, quality of work, luxury and using professional materials, but is also carried out in a cabin which is tailor-made specifically for each treatment​​: massage rituals for cosmetic services, hand - and foot-care, body wraps, body scrub and baths. The cabins have soft music played in them, further enhancing relaxation, comfort and peace.
It is also possible to receive additional relaxation and detoxification with walk-in shower infra-saunas, which we provide free of charge over a certain amount of service.
Your waiting time is made more pleasurable with having TV and Wi-Fi at your convenience.”


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Diána Németh: owner & beauty therapist
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Bettina Vajda: hand, foot care & nail technician
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Alexandra Németh: cosmetician

“Who are we? Different professionals with different lives, styles, personalities, yet there is something that connects us. It is nothing more than the love of work, respect for one another, the continuous renewal. That is how we are complete. Together, at your service.”


“Owner & beauty therapist”

“Those who shine from within also shine on the outside, beauticians can enhance that.”
I love my profession, it really makes me feel complete! I first found my strength of precision and creativity in the profession of a make-up artist.
Then, as a beautician, I dove into the world of natural beauty, skin renewal and cleansing products , because I believe that these substances can really enhance the beauty of your skin.
I like using sugar paste for hair removal. I believe that every problem has a solution; the treasures of nature, including plants, flowers with their vigorous and active agents in the high-tech cosmetic procedures are combined with real miracle solutions. Relive the miracle too, I am waiting for you with a warm welcome.

“Hand, foot care & nail technician”

It was an old dream of mine to be trained in this beautiful, colourful, creative profession. That is why I decided to go for the profession of a nail technician , because I believe that this way I can express myself, I can fulfil people's wishes, and last but not least , I can make my guests happy. After all, who would not want others to see the beauty and neatness when they see your nails? Like they say, the first impression is the most important . Therefore, my goal is to correct any imperfection , preserve the good and beauty created by nature and to make it even more beautiful. I am looking forward to having you as my guest.


Being a beautician for me is more than a job; it is my vocation. I believe that what gets on to our skin and in to our bodies, is not only for simple physical beautification for my guests. I not only offer solutions for skin problems, but what I also administer is an added confidence to their spirits. That is why I am a supporter of naturalness. I use only 100% natural oils, vitamins and herbal extracts in my work. The importance of human relationships and client satisfaction is very important for me, because meeting all my guests is unique and special.
It is amazing for me to watch my guests leave me feeling renewed.
Having graduated from the Physical Education University of Budapest, many of my guests turn to me for advice with confidence concerning nutrition, a healthy way of living and sport-related problems. My passion is for aromatherapy, an area in which I am gaining further qualifications. Get out of the rat-race- I am waiting for you with love!



Budapest 1024, Keleti Károly street 13/a. basement 1. (22. doorbell)
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Central number: +36 30 864 3567
Bettina Vajda (hand & foot care): +36 20 207 5285
Alexandra Németh (cosmetician): +36 30 373 3725
Diána Németh (managing director & cosmetician): +36 70 314 8073




Monday to friday: 9:00-21:00